Tuesday, December 15, 2009


戴佩妮2010年演唱会即将引爆!!!! 就想赤名香所说的:如果你真的喜欢一个偶像的话,请你一定要去看一看她的演唱会。
她的一切,她的生活, 甚至她的举动,在我的感官世界里敏感占据了大部分,真的。
我喜欢她, 我爱她
戴佩妮 116云顶见!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

family and friends

Hard to wake up earlier in the morning, since december started. Drama of born rich was the "supper" i having every night, or the real supper with hometown guys every night, somemore chat for the whole night at the beach which near by my house, every night. Btw, mum was decided to shop on 14 of december in klcc. This was invited by my fifth aunt exactly. Anyway, i wake up around 7 something, finish preparing all the thing around 8 something, and then wait for my aunt until 9 something, just then started the engine. And finally, i had my lunch around 12 something.
from china

cuttie jasmine=)

After lunch time, way to klcc. Walked, shop and bought. What time now?! mum:" 5 something." Damn, she so sober. I still need to attend dinner of chong hwa, with another 10 thousand. 5 to 6 really are the f**king jam timing, so i ran out immediately to get teksi, it waste me rm15.
suria klcc=)

ah mak
jo and me=)
yan jie

my dear buddy, she is totally so pretty always.

I'm tired so that today's post so cincai. i should post it the next day what== Anyway, today was happy because my family and friends stay with me. I really sooo tired. so cincai.

Friday, December 4, 2009


happy, is hard to describe in my happy holiday.It was very very happy. I had stay in my hometown since holiday started, and worked for my mum. I though this will be my holiday, non salary full-time for all the day, all the holiday. Fortunately, yuan yu had organized a trip to taiping on december of 2-4. Actually, zi seng was the entreprenuer, so yuan yu was just his "assistant" for inviting us. Besides, meishyan was the assistant's assistant,so finally the one who invite us was meishyan. After that, zi seng said all of us just stay his house, and he'll do well all the things so nothing we can worry. So lastly, jo how, mak, ting, shyan, me and yuan yu comfirmed going. After the way we confirmed going, TEE ZI SHENG said we can't stay his house!! And everything he can't helped us, we needed to gao dim all by ourselves!! Just because of his parents was not at home!! Fortunately, he told us earlier, so that we can booked hotel earlier. Forgive him was hard arh, we'll give him some suprise next year in the school=)

The hotel which yuan yu booked is FLEMINGTON HOTEL that just inaugurate few months. Everything organized by yu because taiping is also under her control=) THANKS YOU YUAN YU!!! Wednesday. Yu and how reached the first, and mak, and then me, and ting, and just shyan. Thanks VITA for fetch me there>< The bus started off on 11 morning, we was all getting excited that time.

We reached there in 4.30 because jam serious in taiping. Yu's aunt and cousin sister came to fetch us for lunch, and then dropped us to hotel. The hotel is nice, i think this may be the best hotel here. JUST HERE LA. After we dropped the luggage, we walked to lake tai ping which opposite the hotel. Beautiful place, not kidding. First, we ride the "swam".
ah mak, i was happy that he didn't put aeroplane><
ting and yu
jo how, funny guy, the one i expect to the trip. He too funny=)
they're sweet..YU and TING><
mak and me=)
taman tasik taiping
the scenery in taiping really nice. somemore, cool and refreshing air is totally comfortable.
me and mak>< saw his mak? that's why he is MAK=)

See the different?

Finish our ride. take a bath, had a dinner, then we went to the peak of hotel. There had a bar which call sky bar. Unfortunately, we just can had a look because there had hold a function. I saw many guys from different country. Most guai lou so handsome><
the function, perak amanjaya international ECO adventure 2009.

After that, we went out for a while and back to hotel in 10 something. We started to play cards, and talking nonsense. That's why i love them so much=) Moreover, we bought some beer from tesco when we moving out before.
ting, jo, me, shyan and mak
me and j0><
tine to beer 1 beer=)

me and yu
jo, shyan, me, ting
shyan and me=)

The next morning, we wake up in 6 something and had breakfast buffer beside the lobby. The describe of the buffer, BAD. Just because of there was very less food for chosen. The buffer of sheroton hotel is the best.

After finish breakfast, yu's cousin sister fetch us to bukit larut of taiping. Cool and refreshing air=) BUT unfortunate again, the same function holding there. ECO adventure, just because it is international== nevermind, so we just walked a little while.
bukit larut
me and ting
nice what=) ting, shyan, jo, mak and yu

After that, we went to zoo. but not only us, we had to take care of yu's cousin also. They are really so so so cute. especially PEI CHEE.
shyan, ting, mak and jo=)

mak, forgot what his name, me, PEI CHEE, and jo. She must be a beautiful girl in the future.
pei chee and me. Seems my daughter=)
jo, pei chee and me. We are not family==
me and ting=)

We back to hotel after that to pack some clothes. because of SWIM. I was so expect even just beside the river, because i more prefer to waterfall. It's ok>< everywhere fun with fren, isn't it?
me and ting=)
see that jo=) i was learning his zhao pai. ><
so cold==
ting, me, yu, shyan, jo and mak
shyan using soft sand to mo her leg, skin can smooth=)

We had finished at 4 something. Then we get back to the hotel. Had a break, had a bath. 5 something, had a walk and had a dinner. And a evil incident. MAK's slipper broke again!! This was really a evil incident, this is the third slippers he broke this year, and everytime I'm beside him. Since i beside him, his slipper sure broken, ha, i'm so sorry mak=) But, our friendship is still good>< so that we always go out together. HI 5! During the nite, yu's cousin fetch us go yamcha. She told us many thing, many GHOST experience. Taiping lot of ghost, she said. DAMN, make me so upset. Especially ting, he was scared but i love to listen, ass hole! And then he called yu's cousin came hotel for stay one night, talked ghost story for whole the night. Moreover, yu's cousin sister hope to show us the most evil TOMB in taiping, i rebel violently!! They're going mad,don't play play!! After finish that, yu's cousin sister fetch us to taiping famous village AH GUA. haha, i saw ah gua!! We just go through so can't juggle them. During midnight, we went to the sky bar of the peak of hotel, and they can't stop talking the GHOST. I really wanna sang "please don't stop the music" ,so that they just enjoyed the music==

The last morning, after finish the breakfast, we walked around the lake taiping and take photo. I love the feel of this, 6 of us just walked and enjoyed the scenery. I love to travel around. I love ITALAND, i'll cheer up to get there=)
me and jo>< he is cute
mak, ting, jo, me and shyan
what a nice place..
shyan, jo, yu, ting and mak=)
who don't know he was reluctant?! haha, thanks mak><
me and shyan.

the trip of taiping, good memoirs for us. Friend is always the best ship that stretch outward their help outside and family is art as a port. So that i love my life=) happy holiday guys!!